Dear Aficionados & Connoisseurs of rare & fine wines,

WELCOME to the homepage for The Vineyard House- a small and intimate wine estate focused on producing exquisite cabernet sauvignon in the heart of Oakville. The Vineyard House (or "TVH") was established in 2005 as a tribute to the life and legacy of my late father and hero- Gil Nickel-and although production is limited to less than 850 cases per vintage-10% of all proceeds go to cancer research in his name!

Bestowed to me by my father, in the fall of 2003, the estate is situated on a fourty three-acre knoll at the entrance of the "Halter valley" (a secluded and picturesque sub-appellation in Oakville). The name "Vineyard House" was the commonly-used nickname (coined by the Jeremy Nickel family) to describe the charming white farmhouse that you see before you. The farmstead was built by prominent 19th century pioneer, William Baldridge, in the 1850's.

My long term goal is to distinguish The Vineyard House as one of the "elite" Oakville wine estates producing "aspirational" Cabernet Sauvignon that is synonymous with exquisite quality, consistency, longevity, allure and rarity.

I thank you for taking an interest in The Vineyard House wines and invite you to join in on the opportunity to acquire, appreciate, cellar and experience such a rare and age-worthy wine. Until we meet in person, may I offer the following toast...

"Here is to honoring our parents and making them proud! Cheers." - Jeremy Justin Nickel